Herbal Products


Genuine Herbal Products

We prepare several types of herbal soap, balm, face wash, gel, creams, shampoo, body wash, lotions and many more.. We never use harmful chemicals in our organic beauty products. They are cruelty-free as we do not test any samples on animals. Treasure the benefits of mother nature bestowed in our products.





Creams 1) Day / Night Cream  2) Anti Wrinkle Cream 3) Fairness Cream  4) Kumkumadi Cream 5) Foot Cream


Skin Care 1) Face Wash 2) Body Wash 3) Scrub 4) Underarm Whitener 5) Face Gel


Soap Making  1) Glycerine Soap   2) Goat Mil Soap  3) Charcol Soap 4) Aloe Vera Soap


Hair care 1) Anti Hair Fall  2) Anti Dandruff 3) Hair Gel 4) Conditioning Shampoo


Beauty Packs 1) Wet Face Pack 2) Dry Face Pack 3) D tan Pack


Lotion 1) Shea Butter 2) Coco Butter 


Balm 1) Lip Balm 2) Pain Balm 


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