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Our ayurvedic treatments are very effective. Apart from the therapy and medicines, you will also need to follow a diet plan and lifestyle, to heal the problem.
Ayurvedic medicines use all-natural herbs, meaning there are no side effects if used as instructed by the specialists.
Our specialists will provide you with a diet plan along with food restrictions based on your condition and the severity of the disease you are suffering from.
Yes, Ayurveda focuses on providing holistic treatment, meaning you not only get relief from symptoms but experience improvements in your overall well-being. Ayurveda provides lasting results.
Swarna Prashana (Suvarna Prashana) contains gold as the main ingredient. It is made into suvarna bhasma through a special process because gold cannot be consumed in its metallic form. Gold is known to boost immunity as well as enhance memory. Another important ingredient present in Swarna Prashana (Suvarna Prashana) is the honey. Honey is prepared by collection of pollen grains. Since pollen grains are known to cause allergic reactions, consumption of honey in very low doses is believed to gradually prepare the body to fight against other allergens. Honey is also known to act against inflammation and improve digestion. Ghee or Ghrita which is the third important component of Swarna Prashana (Suvarna Prashana), acts as an effective medium in which herbal medications can be prepared. Ghee or Ghrita shows unique properties of acquiring the medicinal values of herbs added to it.
The Origin of Swarnaprashana can be traced back to vedic ages. References about swarna prashana can be found in Ghrya sutras and Manusmriti. Discription about swarna prashana is available in Kashayapa Samhita or Vridha Jeevaka Tantra written before 600 B.C.
There are no significant changes in the body temperature in normal condition. But in certain conditions like acute fever its better to skip the dose on the particular day. It is always advised to take a doctors opinion in such cases before taking Suvarnaprashana.
Swarna Prashana can be supplemented with other medicines like Chyavanprash, Indukantha Gritham, Vidaryadi Gritham, Narasimha Rasayana, Agasthya Rasayana, Kooshmanda Rasayana Ajamamsa rasayana etc. It is always advised to take a doctors opinion.
It’s always advised not to skip the Swarnaprashana to maintain the efficiency of the medicine. But if missed a day nothing harm. Even doctors don’t administer, if the child is critically ill or having some acute problems like fever or vomiting on that particular day.
The first few months and years of life are important for the cognitive, emotional and physical growth of children. Scientific evidence suggests that if brain does not receive appropriate stimulation during the early years of life then it is very difficult to rewire itself at a later stage.
Yes, Special children are very much benefited by swarnaprashana. It helps to improve their overall immunity and brain development.
Swarna Prashana improves the immunity of the child. Studies show that severity and frequency of allergic attacks are reduced significantly.
Pushya Nakshatra is considered as one of the most auspicious of the 27 nakshatras and it is the nakshatra for gold ( Swarna) . Hence, it is auspicious to start Swarna Prashana on this day.
Stress, environmental pollutants and poor lifestyle choices create a toxic load on the body that—if left in the tissues and bloodstream—results in poor health. Human body is like a machine. As the machine needs cleaning and lubrication from time to time to improve the efficiency and quality, our body also needs cleansing from time to time.
Panchakarma is the process in which systematic cleansing of the body takes place without damaging the tissues. In other words, it can be defined as a bio-purification or “detox” of the body. The purpose of these Panchakarma procedures is to remove toxic substances and waste products from the body.
Before Panchakarma, a restricted/light diet is consumed. Often patients shift to green gram soup, which is advised to remove Ama, toxins, from the body and to ignite Agni, the digestive power. Drinking of hot water is advised usually for this purpose. Food which is heavy to digest, not cooked freshly, cold, or causes constipation is prohibited. Moreover, sex, overeating, late nights, excess physical or mental work, strong exposure to sun, wind, cold weather is also not advisable during Panchakarma.
For scientific and authentic procedures, there are no side effects. However, for the procedure to be successful, its success depends on physician as well as the patient. There is a list of Do’s and Dont’s in Panchakarama, which has to be followed strictly. If the patient does not follow the instructions, then he or she may face problems or unpleasant effects. If the procedure goes smoothly, then patients do not have to suffer.
Our body has a specific way of notifying that the level of toxins has gone to an undesirable level. Constant tiredness, fatigue, headache, acne breakouts, skin problems or even problems related to fertility indicates that you need to undergo body detoxification. So, anyone who notices such symptoms can take panchakarma therapy.
There is no specific reason to avoid panchkarma by anyone. It can be administered to healthy persons (Swastha) and as well as diseased persons (Atura). However, extra precautions are taken while offering Panchkarma therapy to people who are above 70 and children below age of 7, as some of the therapies could make them uncomfortable. When done through skilled hands, panchkarma can be administered safety to people of any age. It is also important to note that although panchakarma term is suggestive of five therapies, the type and number of therapy offeref to every individual may differ. In simple words, based on your health status you may be offere d only 2-3 therapies under panchakarma.
It depends. In general a healthy person should undergo Panchakarma at least once a year. For a diseased person (according to conditions), it may vary: twice a year for skin disease or possibly more, depending on the severity. Continuously, for at least 3 months, for paralysis and other renowned neurological conditions and on a regular basis for treatment of obesity.


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